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DTX–EFM2 Encircled Flux Multimode Fiber Modules

Encircled flux compliant Optical Loss Test Set (OLTS) for quick multimode fiber certification.
  • Efficient Encircled Flux (EF) compliant multimode fiber testing with the DTX CableAnalyzer™
  • The most compact and practical EF solution with on-board modules and EF test reference cords
  • Up to 12 second Autotest – loss measurement of two fibers at two wavelengths, optical loss budget calculation, and PASS/FAIL results
  • Fast EF compliance test results documentation with LinkWare™ Software
  • Easy continuity and polarity verification
  • On-board visual fault locator (VFL) to locate fibers and breaks
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As enterprise bandwidth demand increases, it is more important than ever for installers and network owners to certify and document that their fiber links meet established industry standards, to protect against network downtime and lost revenue.

The Fluke Networks DTX-EFM2 Encircled Flux Multimode Modules for the DTX CableAnalyzer enable you to easily and accurately test while ensuring compliance. EF requirements are defined in the TIA-526-14-B and IEC 61280-1-4 standards. Encircled Flux compliance reduces loss measurement variation to a goal of +/- 10%, decreasing measurement uncertainty and improving measurement repeatability every time. This is the standard that cable manufacturers will expect for warranties.

The DTX Encircled Flux Fiber Modules matched with EF test reference cords (DTX-EFM2) are a quick and easy way to upgrade to EF compliance. No special training or change to normal testing procedures is required.



Encircled Flux Compliant Multimode Fiber Certification

TIA-526-14-B and IEC 61280-1-4 now require tighter launch conditions to reduce measurement uncertainty. With the DTX-EFM2, users who are familiar with the DTX CableAnalyzer can easily make use of these new modules to perform EF compliant testing with no additional training. The DTX-EFM2 with the Encircled Flux Test Reference Cords (EF-TRCs) provide the most efficient and practical EF standard compliant testing solution. These EF-TRCs are individually tuned so that any DTX-EFM2 produces an EF compliant launch at the end of the EF-TRC.

Basic (Tier1) fiber certification

DTX Fiber Modules provide a Basic (Tier 1) fiber certification solution – loss, length and polarity. Validate fiber link performance per industry standards. Measure optical loss at multiple wavelengths, measure fiber length and verify polarity. You can test two fibers in both directions at both wavelengths with incredible speed without swapping main and remote units, a capability only available from Fluke Networks. Interchangeable connector adapters allow reference and test connections that meet TIA/ISO standards for most SFF (small form factor) fiber connectors.

Unlike competitive fiber testers which measure length and two loss measurements per Autotest, DTX is the only fiber test solution that measures length and four loss measurements per Autotest – all in about 12 seconds. With DTX Fiber Modules, you can speed through fiber testing five times faster than the competition.

Linkware™ Reports

Save time managing results with LinkWare Cable Test Management Software

LinkWare is also available free from our web site. Once your work is done, you can give this powerful application to your customers so they can have instant access to the data electronically. You can also print test results or you can export the data as an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).

Extensive data management capabilities with LinkWare:

  • Now included in LinkWare 7.x LinkWare StatsTM gives a comprehensive view of your entire cable plant's performance
  • Manage copper and fiber test results with a single software application that supports Fluke Networks' entire line of cable testers
  • Deliver professional, customized, graphical reports in a common format for all Fluke Networks cable testers
  • Ensure standards compliance with the ability to configure and print TIA 606-A documentation
  • Drag and drop feature makes it easier to manage and organize multiple projects
  • Count on compatibility with major CMS (cable management software) applications
  • Increase productivity with simple user interface and time-saving features with LinkWare, the world's preferred cable test management software

LinkWare Software prints professional, graphical reports with color graphs depicting the measured test parameters. You can choose which parameters to print and the order in which graphs appear. Reports can also be customized with your company logo.


Models & Accessories

Model Number/Name Description

Set of two DTX Encircled Flux Multimode Fiber Modules, each incorporating:
850 nm and 1300 nm LED sources combined into a single output port
Set of Encircled Flux compliant test reference cords(EF-TRC)
850/1300/1310/1550 nm power meter
Integrated VFL

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DTX-EFM2 Gold Support:
GLD3-DTX-EFM23 years of Gold Support coverage for one DTX Encircled Flux MM fiber module set - Model: DTX-EFM2
DTX-1800-E 120/GLD

DTX-1800 with Encircled Flux Multimode Fiber Modules and 1 Yr of Gold Support (available in the United States and Europe only. Europe order DTX-1800-E/GLD-EU)

Model Number/Name Description
Kit for Testing 50 µm LC duplex fibers
Kit for Testing 50 µm SC fibers
Kit for Testing 50 µm ST fibers
Kit for Testing 50 µm FC fibers
Kit for Testing 62.5 µm LC fibers
Kit for Testing 62.5 µm SC fibers
Kit for Testing 62.5 µm ST fibers
Kit for Testing 62.5 µm FC fibers
LinkWare Cable Test Management Software: Free download at www.flukenetworks.com/linkware
For additional accessories and GOLD support ordering information on the DTX Fiber Modules.


Optical Specifications (23°C)
Input (Meter) connectorsRemovable SC adapter standard with product. Optional removable adapters: LC, ST and FC
Output (Source) connectorsFixed SC adapter
Source Type and Nominal Wavelength
Source powerDTX-MFM2: ≥ -20 dBm, DTX-SFM2: ≥ -7 dBm
Length measurementDTX-MFM2: ≤ 5,000 m of 62.5 or 50 μm fiber
DTX-EFM2: ≤ 5,000 m of 62.5 or 50 μm fiber
DTX-SFM2: ≤ 10,000 m of 9 μm singlemode fiber
Power meter typeInGaAs detector
Power measurement range0 to -60 dBm (1310 nm and 1550 nm)
0 to -52 dBm (850 nm)
Launch condition for DTX-EFM2 with EF-TRC*Encircled flux compliant to TIA 526-14-B, ISO/IEC 14763-3, and IEC 61280-4-1
VFL Specifications (23°C)
Laser type and nominal wavelengthClass II CDRH, 650 nm
Output modesContinuous wave and flashing mode
Connector adapter2.5 mm universal
Environmental Specifications
Operating temperature0°C to 40°C
Storage temperature-20°C to 60°C
SafetyCE, CSA, EN 61010-1
General Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x D), nominal4.2" x 3.0" x 1.1" (106 mm x 76 mm x 28 mm)
Weight, nominal0.31 lb (0.14 kg)

1) At the output of the EF-TRC
2) Variations between EF measurement equipment may occur but EF compliance can be expected with a 95% confidence factor




Application Notes

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Copper Certification Testing Best Practices Pocket Guide
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7.2 MB
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White Papers

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Encircled Flux White Paper
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Gold Product Support

Gold Support for your DTX-EFM2 allow you to make the most of your Encircled Flux purchase while ensuring a higher return on your investment. 3-Year Gold Support for DSX-5000 CableAnalyzerYou will minimize your downtime, receive faster trouble resolution and have total access to all support resources.

What do you get with Gold Support for your DTX-1800-E and EFM2 fiber modules?

Annual Calibration and Factory Refresh - ISO 9001 standards compliance requires annual unit calibration. Keeping your DTX-1800-E and fiber modules calibrated is critical to ensure accuracy when testing fiber networks. Our calibration processes are ISO-9001 controlled and designed to certify that your DTX-1800-E and fiber modules meet all published specifications. Typical turnaround time for a calibration is 5 working days.  Your DTX-1800-E unit and fiber modules will be precisely calibrated to factory specifications (calibration certificate provide - calibration traceable with data available for extra charge), repaired as necessary with genuine OEM repair parts, upgraded with all of the latest software and firmware then cleaned and performance verified. In addition, all accessories that came with your purchase will be tested and replaced if faulty or defective.

Repairs and loaner equipment - If your DTX-1800-E or fiber modules should fail, we'll deliver a loaner unit via next business day delivery to keep you up and running. We'll repair your DTX-1800-E or fiber modules and replace defective accessories that came with your unit at no charge, with "first on bench" priority, and return it to you - all shipping paid by Fluke Networks.

Accessory Replacement - Some accessories are essential to testing and certifying cable. If any accessory that comes with your DTX-1800-E model are qualified as defective or faulty by our technical assistance center, it will be replaced free of charge. 

Access to live 24 x 7 technical support - Extend the expertise of your staff. Gold Support includes priority access to our world-class Technical Assistance Center (TAC). Our centers in Seattle, WA and Eindhoven, NL employ a full staff of highly trained technical experts that are on call, including weekends and through the night, to answer complex troubleshooting questions, including GOLD only services such as: Test set-up and instrument configuration, Fiber testing and reference setting, Test results interpretation, including trace results analysis. Let us help you get the most out of your DTX-1800-E and fiber modules and understand the results you are seeing.

DTX Gold Support Members Training - Online training that can be utilized without having to take your staff out of the field can be a valuable tool. Gold Support Members have several exclusive on-line training modules available.

Unlimited access to our Knowledge Base - You’ll have an open door to valuable proprietary information we’ve gathered from helping customers over the years. It also includes helpful technical articles written by our experts.

Member Only promotions - Your membership qualifies you for “Members Only” promotions and programs. This includes product discounts, access to reconditioned equipment at special prices and other incredible values.

Ensure that you are getting the most out of your DTX-1800-E and Encircled Flux Multimode Fiber Modules with Gold Support Services.